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why i never sleep, meteors hits seattle

i usually never go to bed until 3am or so, right before i go to bed i usually walk around the house or even outside for a few minutes to look at the sky if it is a clear night- on thursday i saw a HUGE light, it was white, then orange, then green followed by a series of "booms" and some groundshaking. my first thought was a nuclear blast, but it turns out it may have been a meteor which landed in seattle.

i'm going out to look for it now, i am on a tip that it's 10.2 miles from where i am sitting right now.

how to make your own ringtones

over on engadget i wrote an article about how to make your own ring tones for your phone using xingtone. it's 2004 baby, we’re all making our own play lists with cds we buy for our ipods or music we purchase online, using garageband to make our own music, our own background screens for our desktops and phones, our own dvds and movies with imovie and moviemaker- we’re all becoming producers, citizen engineers, and we’re not going back. smart companies will empower us.